International Journal Of Recent Innovative Trends In Engineering And Science

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The main aim of International Journal of Recent Innovative Trends in Engineering and Science (IJRITES) is to maintain significance and excellence of publications. The IJRITES is a fully Peer-Reviewed Multi-disciplinary online Journal in the field of Engineering and Science. It is the best journal which allows articles/research papers not only in Engineering & Science, but also in the innovative trends and subfields of Engineering & Science disciplines. We follow a strict Plagiarism policy; the authors should maintain the originality and not have plagiarism more than 20 percent while submitting the articles. We aspect the authors will also give a proper acknowledgement, reference and citied.

  • IJRITES provide fast track publication in nominal fee.
  • The Decision on submitted manuscript by reviewing and plagiarism check is given in 24 hours of submission.
  • It is a double blinded peer-reviewed journal.
  • IJRITES provide a platform for new and innovative technological articles.
  • After acceptance, authors have to fill and complete the copyright form provided on our website enclosed with final manuscript after submitting, please note down no changes can be applied in manuscript and proof of payment then the article/paper is published in next 24 hours.
  • E- Certificates are immediately provided after the Publication.
  • Hard Copy of Certificates and DOI is also provided on demand (Extra Charges May Apply).

Open Access

The IJRITES provide an open access to research scholars, academician and students. We follow open access policy, articles are available freely on IJRITES website you may easily download, print, index and use for research without any charge. Authors of article should be acknowledged and cited.

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts should be in proper format as provided in IJRITES template. The manuscript must not have been published before on any other publication outlet. Author can submit manuscript at our website, if they face any problem while submitting the article please E-mail to the editorial office IJRITES at

Manuscript submission charges

Authors are charged RS.1500 (Indian Nationals) and $35 (Other Nationals) for page printing up to 15 pages.